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About Wayanad Village Resort, Kerala

Well, this is the break you have been waiting for…Wayanad Village Resort is what you have been dreaming about. Mist and green, song and silence, Nature and You. Take a dip in the pool and get drenched in freshness of golden sunlight. Spread your wings and find your nest among cottages, aptly named after Birds of Kerala.

The moment you step into the pathway leading to Wayanad Village Resort, you leave your world behind. No more buzzers, no more alerts…peace settles within you. The bamboo archway soothes you at the first step itself. From then onwards, it is going to be a dream. As you sip the welcome drink, the ambience sinks in. Sounds and sights start to overwhelm you. Scent of homely food from the impeccably clean kitchen, smiling faces of the staff, pleasant and fresh air, sounds of Nature…Wayanad Village Resort becomes your home at that point.

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